I love audio, but this week’s assignments drove me crazy. I started early as Dr. Bond had recommended, but to my dismay, Murphy in Murphy’s law visited me this week. First, I was unable to download Audacity on my computer, so I tried to use computers in different buildings; however, due to administrative reasons, I was unable to execute the file. To solve this issue, I found another audio editing software called WavePad. Thank God I did, because it was only then that I was able to actually complete the assignments!

In the meantime, I did go ahead and completed rest of the assignments, but the second problem that I encountered was with Soundcloud. Because Soundcloud only uploads files that are saved onto the computer, not in URL, I could not, after trying for the 100th time, save the mashup videos as separate files. It was very annoying because I thought the process would be easy like saving a webpage as a separate file, but they did not upload as their sizes were too big. As a result, I left the URL as is–you can view them as well as listen to the audio that way, but I could not isolate audio by itself.

After Murphy’s law went away, however, I did feel joyous upon completion of the tasks. Such were radio bumper and the sound effect story. I realized that not everyone can be a radio DJ (I think I will freeze in the middle of speaking) and that creativity is unlimited. I tried to make Agent Nice Guy’s Thursday interesting as possible so I added an element of irony at the end to intensify humor. After all, everyone deserves a happy ending.