This week’s assignments were pretty fun, especially since I now know the basics of utilizing iMovie. I did have to learn new skills within iMovie when I created the instructional video. While the process took a while to complete, they were feasible. I am really glad that I had the experience to learn iMovie through this class; I now realize that we have to force ourselves to learn new things even if they seem difficult in the beginning. Through practice, they become surprisingly easier (I have to admit!). Not to mention that I am doing something I have never imagined I can do! I thought that only computer geniuses were capable of creating such videos and here I am now, doing the same thing that they have done! I have learned a new computer skill and I am very proud of myself. =)

As far as rest of the assignments, I extended my knowledge and skills from the previous week and tried to be creative in the process. 2 TDCs were completed here.