I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s assignments. I did not have too much difficulty, relative to those of last week’s, and it took less amount of time to complete them overall. For my daily creates, I completed 3 and they are posted on my twitter for view.

I noticed that I use Paint extensively to edit images and add texts. I have learned Paint in elementary school so it is definitely my reliable source of image editing software. That being said, learning how to use Photoshop would also increase my computer skills and it would be neat to make complex changes that cannot be made on Paint someday. In the meantime, however, I intend to stick to Paint for simplicity and proficiency for time’s sake.

I have also found that design is everywhere. The concept of what I knew as “design” seemed rather obscure because I often attributed as an artist’s production. However, when I looked around to find design elements around me, a familiar place like the library also embodied many forms of designs. Even if it was not something made out of pure creativity, situations like a lamp that is placed on a table illustrated a simple design concept of “balance” (in the library). From this, we can infer that implementing design is not difficult–it just takes cognizance and determination.