This is my favorite movie ever and you can probably tell that I love music. I love the G clef for its simplicity yet compelling element. There’s something about G clef that says more than just a music note; instead, I feel like it brings all of them together. The color of the font also complements G clef’s simplicity well and having black against white makes the image pop, even without the use of color. For this assignment, I used Paint to incorporate the G clef icon and pieces of writing together onto a single image.

In regard to my character, I think Agent Nice Guy’s alter ego is more of an outgoing, active, and energetic individual. Not that she is not one, since she is friendly to all, but it’s more natural for her to take on that role as her alter ego since she does get stressed at the end of the day after building relationships. While she may be building ties for and/or against friends and enemies, traveling the world and finding beauty in every country is the “real” purpose behind Agent Nice Guy’s pursuit.

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