I have finally executed my ultimate mission and my advice to the fellow and prospective ds106 agents is, we must be vigilant at all times.

First, I conducted the Twitter poll last week; I then devised a plan for Agent Nice Guy to find out if Agent Moncure is a double agent or not. Along the way, however, Agent Nice Guy discovers a new fact, and this is insinuated by the adage, “it’s always in the last place you look.”

I first recorded my voice for the 2 main characters using Audacity. While Agent Nice Guy is represented by my original voice, Cole (the secretary who serves as a middleman and reports the findings to the boss) is represented by my changed voice. I then exported the audio to iMovie, where I compiled the audio, background writings, and images together. The following was more an audiovisual, as it encompassed both audio and visualization. I am very happy with my work and also glad to end the semester (and school?!!!!!!) on a positive note. <I just had to add the rock version of Let it go because it is Agent Nice Guy’s theme song– referring to Agent Nice Guy’s Thursday>

Thanks for a great semester ds106!!

I learned A LOT.