I had the chance to get my hands on Audacity and as I was getting myself adjusted using such software, I had a lot of fun playing around with it. I chose the song, Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon from my “mixtape,” and I added random effects to the song every 15 seconds for 15 seconds. The result was hilarious because I did not think about editing in alignment with the song itself; rather, I simply added an effect every 15 seconds without knowing what each effect did. Most of the effects were labeled in accordance with the effects themselves such as “echo” and “paulstretch.” I noticed that for “paulstretch,” it stretched parts of the song as twice as much and somehow left out all of the lyrics while amplifying only the background music! It created a fascinating music out of the original song and the final product sounded very cool (well some parts). I uploaded the final edited version of the song on SoundCloud.

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