I had a blast creating Pikachu’s résumé especially because I literally grew up with Pokémon and Pikachu was my favorite. At first, I did not know what to write because I never thought about Pikachu having a job. Because Pokémons are similar to pets, we don’t usually think of them as having any jobs other than just living. I then started to write the ones I can think of relatively easier such as skills and accolades. As I researched for Pikachu’s timeline, I realized that Pikachu has been with Ash forever. This meant that Pikachu held a duty to be a leader amongst rest of Ash’s Pokémons. Thinking like that got me going and I eventually ended up having a blast completing Pikachu’s résumé! I was so happy to revisit my childhood. =)


Pikachu Ketchum


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