In response to the initial question, “Do you take a lot of photos now?” my answer is, “No.” I used to like taking photos when I was younger, but I no longer liked doing that after my puberty. Sometimes I like to take pictures of flowers because they are very beautiful and I literally¬†want to capture their beauty in a single shot. Of course, I cannot literally “capture” an element that is intangible because what you see and what you feel are certainly different. That is what I have always felt about photography–either you capture it or you don’t. I feel that people usually take picture in an attempt to capture what they are feeling but photography simply cannot capture all of those elements for you. So I just take a picture “with my eyes” so that I have vivid a memory to reminiscence on, instead of relying on an equipment that prints 2D images. Nonetheless, I am very thankful for the invention of camera because I can reference it back to viewing the images should I forget what it is that I was trying to remember.

In regard to photo taking approach, I try to capture vividness and emotion that I feel when I look at flowers. I feel that I am only successful 50% of the time because the elements that I am trying to capture are such that cannot be easily expressed, but after reviewing guidelines for becoming a better photographer and its narrative, I get the sense that we should all create a story by paying attention to the details when executing the elements that we are trying to express.