Audio assignments have been pretty painstaking for me maybe because I never had the experience of using an audio software. For one audio assignment, I tried to combine 2 songs, one original and one cover of an original, but it turned out that I had the same problem as before of figuring out the starting time. Since the two songs differed in their starting time, it did not match up easily. I tried my best to cut a segment at the beginning; however, it was much more difficult that way because Audacity did not indicate the times of the songs. I then took a different route and tried to slow down one of the songs. While this seemed to work later on, I just could not adjust the first song to the rate of the second song; the speed also kept changing everytime it took effect. So after giving up this assignment, I just focused on what I could do then and decided to take a different route by recording the audio itself. I think it’ll take a long time for me to learn the program; for now, because I know that mastering the usage of a software is very time consuming, I just intend to stick with the basics.

In regard to the group project, I am glad that we have another week after spring break to finish because I was very worried about communication and finalization process. It is very hard to meet with other people who have different schedules than mine, especially when I have never met them in person, so we are doing our best to communicate online and come up with a resolution that works for everyone. On the other hand, since everyone has a computer as well as an access to a computer in the school, I am hoping that contribution will be equalized and we can work efficiently overall.

The thing I liked about this week’s assignments was the experience I gained from playing with Audacity; one thing I disliked, however, was the time consumption of editing audios that I did not even get to use. Three daily creates are posted on my Twitter.