The thought of being part of a radio show where I’d be one of the co-hosts is very exciting. There are many ways to “create” a radio show; I find that an interesting way to amp up the excitement is to incorporate the audience in some way. For example, we can pose a question for the audience to answer before the show, in this case, our friends, and share their ideas with the rest of the listeners.

I can ask open ended questions that involve my spy character, such as: “Agent Nice Guy has arrived at the grocery store. What will she buy?” and “Agent Nice Guy has just turned the ignition on. Where will she go next?” My ideas are interesting to me, but they are not as thought-provoking because they come from my brain and I always know the direction that I am going. Thus, combining multiple ideas together to make up the entire story would be very refreshing with the anticipation of many twists and turns.