This week’s assignments were all very fun, I must say. To be honest, however, I was very scared in the beginning when I approached them at first (as I always am!); but, after reading more instructions and following step-by-step tutorials, the process was a breeze! I was really surprised that a useful program like x-ray Goggle existed because I always wondered how TV shows make fake websites that look just like the real ones! Never have I thought how easy it would be to modify! Awesome.

Moreover, listening to other radio shows gave me a new insight into different perspectives, personalities, and thoughts that people embody. I was surprised to find that there were plethora of ways to conduct a radio show because in the past, the theme seemed pretty consistent for a concept, “radio show.” Although may groups probably had ups and downs with the group work itself, all of us successfully managed to pull it off and finish our mission; a job well done! I think that having a guideline or an outline could also be helpful in the future because people can draw blanks sometimes when it comes to topic proposal (for me at least). Nonetheless, I really like the spy theme this year, because it provides the “it” factors which are non-conventional and unexpected. Overall, I am really enjoying learning new things this year. =)