Original Assignment

This was not the first time I combined pairs of images into one. The direction was quite vague, “use photo editing software of your choice to splice pairs of pictures into single images,” so I just went with what I was most comfortable with—paint. First, I viewed wonderfully creative examples from Stephen McMennamy’s great collection and tried to think innovatively like him. I tried not to “take” his ideas, because it is possible that I very well could unintentionally, and only tried to be “inspired” by his ideas. Next, I thought of things in my everyday life that I can pair together and still make sense out of them. I had caramel popcorn on Christmas so I thought that it would be a fun idea to bring caramel popcorn to life in some way. Third, I searched images for caramel popcorn; while there were plenty, there was one that stood out among the others, which was a cluster of caramel popcorn shaped into a ball. I thought that it looked like a cluster of flowers so I then searched for images of flowers. Finally, I combined two images into one using Paint and I did so by cutting the popcorn image into a ball and pasting them onto each of the flower bulbs.

I thought that the final product turned out quite well, and I am very satisfied that I actually brought my idea to life! The story here is, when giving a present to someone special on Valentine’s Day, why not give him/her a gift that is out of the ordinary yet still makes sense?

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