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Dream Room? It’s just a dream for now…

This was my first time using Pinterest and signing up for it was a breeze. I created 5 boards, which successfully divided each idea into specific categories. Starting with “Room,” I wanted my bedroom to embody a comfortable atmosphere in which I can just relax and rest. For “Bed,” since I like the color white, I wanted to decorate my bed with mostly white and maybe complement it with a touch of pastel or monotone color such as pink and/or gray. Some sheets looked very cool so I also decided to pin these ideas. For “Chilling area,” I thought that they were awesome ideas for creating another space within the bedroom itself to semi-rest, hence the term, chill. I think the theme here is to have many cushions as possible, making the space feel extra cozy. For “Wall,” I liked these ideas too because they were creatively utilizing the space to its full potential. Not only can these ideas apply toward decorating, but it can also apply toward organization. Finally, “decorations” was something I thought was feasible in a practical manner. Since decorations do enhance the room’s look, I thought that it would be something worth to try without sacrificing too much.

Overall, I thought that Pinterest was a useful tool to organize my thoughts as well as discover new ideas that are both pretty and innovative. My story here is, my dream room would equate to coming home where everything is just relaxing and peaceful, away from the busy life spent during the day.

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