For this assignment, I decided to head off to the library. There, I discovered posters, books with colorful covers, furniture, and even fish tanks that captured the elements of design principles very well.

Color: I thought these couches were super adorable because they embodied same form and design, but with different colors! The colors chosen here, red, blue and lime, were eye catching and complemented the color of a table situated in the middle really well. Having bright contemporary colors also elevated mood; I think this factor is quite important for group studying especially since the colors create an inviting and friendly atmosphere.

Typography: This book cover caught my eye after I noticed its big bold fonts. Its perceived effects were thought-provoking, striking and enticing. I felt like I understood the content just by reading the title since the different types of 3D formatted fonts seemed to uplift the meanings of words even more. It served its purpose well by acting as a great hook for prospective readers!

Balance: There was a mini aquarium situated at the back of the library. I liked the usage of the light here for it illuminated the wall to emphasize the drawings of fish on the wall, but it also evenly divided the wall asymmetrically. I also liked the contrasting effect light gave off with its brightness; since water in aquarium tanks are perceived dark than it actually is, having lights balanced off the shadowing effect by mitigating it.

Metaphors & Symbols: It was a bit tricky to interpret this poster. It read, “Save your child from autocracy and poverty. Buy war savings stamps.” According to Merriam-Webster, autocracy is defined as, “a government in which one person possesses unlimited power.” I then realized that the dark-greenish hand behind the child is that of the Statue of Liberty! Since the Statue of Liberty symbolizes freedom, United States Treasury Department (written below) is projecting the message that buying war savings stamps will liberate a child from autocracy. In addition, it is clear that a child without clothes exemplifies poverty. When combined together, these images together produced a powerful message of patriotism to the audience.