This is one of the pictures I found when I typed, “cute couple” on Google. Besides the fact that they are cute indeed, they look like the people who are kind and understanding. Here is the story I made up:

Guy: Hey Melissa, I really like you very much! Can you be my girlfriend?

Girl: Of course, Ben. But on one condition; can you promise me that you will be at the same eye level with me?

Guy: What do you mean?

Girl: Well, I am relatively short, but I still want to see your cute face! I don’t want to wear heels all the time because my feet will hurt if I walk on bricks all the time. I can’t ask you to cut down your height, since your height is not like weight that you can drop, so I want to ask if you can compromise with me in a way that will work for both of us.

Guy: Sure Melissa! That is no problem. It can be solved very easily–I can just bend down a little bit and I can see your pretty face this way! My back may hurt a little but I don’t have to buy shoes like you. We would both be compromising since we sacrifice ourselves a little bit, but it won’t be a big deal since I’ll just walk straight afterwards. What do you think?

Girl: That sounds great! Can we celebrate by taking a picture?

Guy: Sure! Let’s take a picture in front of those trees to signify our affinity for each other that would never change.

Girl: Yup! Now let me see your face…


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