This assignment took a really long time for me to complete, mostly because I could not find clips with singers singing the same versions of the song. I did not anticipate such time consumption because I started with a thought, “It’ll be easy; I will find two versions of the same song and combine them using a mashup program.” Little did I realize that every singers are individuals with different voices, or rather emotions. The emotions that they put into the song resulted in different variations of the song. I loved hearing everyone’s versions of the song because they illustrated their own uniqueness very well. The process of changing songs as well as changing the start times was painstaking, however, I am very satisfied with the result and also came to a conclusion that we are all unique in our own little ways. (Note: the timing may not be exact depending on when it starts and you may need to wait a little before they align with each other.)

In regards to my character, Agent Nice Guy was inspired by the movie, Pocahontas, when she was younger and it encouraged her to seek diplomacy between countries with communication, rather than force. But since she is a spy, not all of the diplomatic relations she has built are beneficial for every country she has ties with.

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